Comprehensive Course on Assam for APSC CCE

Comprehensive Course on Assam for APSC CCE

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Number of chapters
8 Chapters
Number of contents
60 Contents

A Comprehensive course focused on Assam-centric topics of APSC CCE Prelims and Mains.

Offer Applied

1) Includes all important topics: Assam Culture, Assam History, Assam Polity, Assam Economy, Eminent Personalities of Assam etc.

2) The course offer Live classes followed by recorded version of each session

3) Each video accessible by users multiple times

4) Assam-centric Test Series (GS-5 for Mains) included in the course

5) Includes the complete Prelims and Mains (GS-5) portion of APSC CCE syllabus

Course Curriculum