Interview Guidance Programmme

Interview Guidance Programmme

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A Comprehensive Strategy Course for APSC CCE 2022 Interview.

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Mock Interview Dates (Available):

December: 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28

Key Features: 

  1. The program contains 3 modules: One Offline/Online Mock Interview + Quality Enhancement Sessions (Lectures/Interactive Sessions) + Personal Guidance
  2. Candidates will have the liberty to select a suitable date on these given dates. However, team Lucent IAS will do necessary intervention and adjustment to accommodate and ensure that all candidates get the best possible dates for their Mock Interviews.
  3. As there is a upper limit of number of interviews conducted per day, preference will be given to students having interviews scheduled in the immediate succeeding week.
  4. Everyone is advised to select a date from the week/weekend close to and just prior to the actual date of interview. This will enhance the impact of the Mock Interviews on the actual interview performance. For example, a student whose date of interview is 20 December, can select the Mock Interview date: 15/16/17 December.
  5. The Mock Interview date selection process will start immediately after the CCE Interview dates are announced by the commission.
  6. All students who enroll for Interview Guidance  Programme will be able to attend the Live online sessions/lectures or watch recorded videos of the lectures.
  7. All Mock interviews will be video recorded and every student appearing in the Mock Interviews will get the raw/unedited video of their interviews for self-assessment and improvement. This can help to tremendously in doing self-improvement.
  8. It is to assure all the candidates applying for this Programme that the videos of their interviews would not be published until and unless they are selected in the final list of APSC CCE 2022 exam.
  9. Any candidate not willing to publish/share their Mock Interview videos on YouTube (after final selection) can simply request for an exception.
  10. The Interactive Sessions/Lectures will be conducted before 16th November 2023. Students joining later can watch recorded videos of these sessions.
  11. The Interview Guidance Programme is free for the students of the Foundation/Mains batch students and they can attempt multiple Mock Interview at no extra cost.
  12. The Interview Guidance Programme is free also for students belonging to BPL category.

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